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Hi! My name is Emily Hutchinson, I’m a 21 year old content creator who focuses on fashion, confidence, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. I create content with all types of brands! I have chosen to partner up with OAKED because I am a big fan and believer of the message this company puts out into the world. I feel very strongly that although everyone’s definition of kindness may be different, most people do have a very set idea of what kindness should be and what it means to them. I believe by partnering with this brand I will be able to help spread the act of kindness the way I see it shine through in my life, and hopefully encourage others to take the steps to do the same in both their lives and the lives of their loved ones. it’s very important to remember that despite all of the negativity in this world, people have good hearts and we should always be pushing each other to be better and to bring out that goodness to benefit other people in our lives as well as ourselves. Im a firm believer of being your biggest advocate and radiating positive and confident energy! I hope that by you taking part in my collections, we are all able to make the world a kinder place one step at a time!

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